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We are excited to share that from August 2013 to March 2014, over 460 new books have been added to the Seward Elementary Library book collection!  You may download the following pdf file to for a list of the new titles (most of them with images), organized in the following order: Nonfiction (Dewey Decimal call..

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Isn’t Alaska an amazing state?  We want to be sure you can find books about Alaska at the Seward Elementary Library so you can learn more about it. We created a special spine label for books about Alaska that are in the Biography, Everybody and Fiction sections of our library, so they can be easily identified while browsing these sections…

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Rachel James, the Seward Community Library Museum children’s services librarian, came to visit us during the lunch/recess Open Library hour, on Wednesday, October 9, 2013. Ms. James shared about the Library Museum website and the Library Museum’s collections, activities and programs for young people in the Seward area.  She also talked about Alaska Book Week,..

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The Seward Elementary Library selects quality magazines for our students.  They are placed into a sturdy plastic binder so students may check them out, just as they would a book.  Each magazine offers an interactive kid’s site.  Click on the title for information about the magazine, or click on the kid’s site link to get..

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Watch these book videos to find a great book for your summer reading! Watch the Move Over Rover book video, Caledcott Medal Winner:

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Read this library blog interview of the wonderful  Mrs. Fabian (Reading Title 1 Teacher) to find out what book she will always remember from her childhood; what her favorite type of books are; and why she loves reading so much!   Question: What is the first book you ever read or remember being read to you? Mrs. Fabian:..