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It happens every year:  We start gaining significant sunlight hours as the school year winds down, which means students get a little more wound up.  One of the ways I have enjoyed (and tried to channel) this extra student energy in April is by embracing National Poetry Month. This year, for the entire month of..

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Did you know that the state of Alaska pays for an online  program that offers homework help?  The hours have recently been expanded.  Here’s what you need to know: Live Homework Help Noon – 2 AM Daily (closed major holidays) Need a PC or a Mac Requires Flash Turn off pop-up blockers It may take..

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Rachel James, the Seward Community Library Museum children’s services librarian, came to visit us during the lunch/recess Open Library hour, on Wednesday, October 9, 2013. Ms. James shared about the Library Museum website and the Library Museum’s collections, activities and programs for young people in the Seward area.  She also talked about Alaska Book Week,..

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WHAT IS THE BATTLE OF THE BOOKS? The Battle of the Books is a statewide Alaskan reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Alaska Association of School Librarians. The goals of the program are to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, broaden reading interests, increase reading comprehension, and promote academic excellence. SEWARD ELEMENTARY..

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Each class that returns all their library books or pays their lost book fee by May 11th, will receive an ice cream treat to be scheduled at your teacher’s convenience.  If the fees pose an issue, please come by the library  to discuss alternative options. YOU CAN DO IT!

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Read this library blog interview of the wonderful  Mrs. Fabian (Reading Title 1 Teacher) to find out what book she will always remember from her childhood; what her favorite type of books are; and why she loves reading so much!   Question: What is the first book you ever read or remember being read to you? Mrs. Fabian:..