Library Book Policies

K:  One book (left in the classroom for first semester)

1st grade: One book

2nd  grade:  Two books

3rd grade: Three books

4th grade: Four books

5th grade: Five books

Books are checked out for up to two weeks.  Students may renew books to extend the checkout date.  Overdue books are to be returned, or fines paid, before checking out more books. Library staff may choose to override this restriction on a case by case basis.

Students may also check out more books for classroom projects and assignments, usually with the encouragement to leave those books in the classroom.

Fines are charged for damaged (beyond repair) and lost books.  Costs vary, depending on the type of book.

Please contact library staff with any questions or concerns.

Julie Doepken, Librarian  (jdoepken@kpbsd.k12.ak.us)
Jessica Bamford, Library Aide (jbamford@kpbsd.k12.ak.us)

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